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Great Power Competition
Guest Speaker: Jim Mattis

Class 1: Back to the Future: Great Power Competition Past and Present

Read a recap of this session here.

Rise of China
Guest Speakers: Matt Pottinger & Matt Turpin

Class 2: China, China, China

Read a recap of the class here

Vladimir Putin - Russia
Guest Speaker: Michael McFaul

Class 3: Russia

Read a recap of this session here

Guest Speaker: John Hurley

Class 4: The Fourth Industrial Revolution & the Core Technology—Semiconductors

Read a recap of this session here.

Guest Speakers: Mike Brown, Jacqueline Tame, Nand Mulchandani

Class 5: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Read a recap of this session here

Guest Speakers: Maynard Holliday, Jaret Riddick, Brad Garber, Michael Stewart, Jason Stack

Class 6: Great Power Competition Without People: Unmanned Platforms & the Future of Conflict

Recap Forthcoming.

Space Launch
Guest Speaker: General John Raymond

Class 7: The Second Space Age: Great Power Competition in Space

Recap forthcoming.

Cyber attack
Guest Speakers: Michael Sulmeyer, Mark McLaughlin

Class 8: Great Power Competition in the Cyber Domain

Recap forthcoming. 

Guest Speaker: To Be Revealed

Class 9: Developing Strategy, Plans, and Resources for Great Power Competition across the USG—Challenges and Opportunities

Guest Speakers: To Be Revealed

Class 10: Final Group Presentations and Course Recap